How to Love Your Body in a World That Tells You Not To

Okay. so- judging by the title, you might assume this is going to be a long post. Telling people how to love their bodies Now, that's a task to take on. The thing is, though, this is something that I find is so important and I think it's something we might hear but rarely internalize. 

I'm not going to sugarcoat things in this post. I tell it like it is. I want you to face the facts and I want you to hear the truth. So, without further ado, here we go. 

Very recently, I had to face up to body issues which had culminated over years and years of abuse, starvation, overexercise, and obsession. Basically, my relationship with my body was shit. The consequences of the way I treated it caught up to me fast. Almost instantly my body had gone from extremely underweight to overweight and I spent the next five months in bed. I couldn't work, I couldn't go out. I had a panic attack almost every day at the pace with which my body changed. The truth is, there was nothing I could do about it. This is the body's response to starvation. Undereating is not a joke. It will ruin your body eventually. 

So what do we do in a world that tells us that we're supposed to? What do we do when we grow up cementing n our minds the fact that the shape we were born with is not adequate? How do we navigate through an atmosphere of instagram models and social media perfectionism?

You could submit to the pressure and end up like me, but I wouldn't recommend that. The lesson I learned was the cliche I had always been told by my mother: my body is good enough the way it is and I will eventually find someone who likes me for the way I look naturally. Now, it was not like some switch flicked and my mentality suddenly radically shifted. No, accepting yourself is an every day process. Even more than that, it's about accepting where you are in your life right now. Because where you are right now is amazing and it is enough and you are doing the best you can.

When we are worrying constantly about how we look or what we ate, we completely lose sight of what is really important to us. We lose relationships and grades and social outings. When we undernourish our bodies, we limit our cognitive capacities. Truly, we are not able to be the fullest versions of ourselves when we are fighting against our bodies.

So, I encourage you to look at it from a different angle. I have been anorexic and I have been overweight and I can tell you that I was not happy ever during that time. The only moments in which i really felt great about myself were when I was able to focus on my ambitions and work hard for them. It was when I was able to put effort into my friendships and focus on enriching them.

It was not when I went the hardest at the gym or ate the least. 

When you are six feet under one day, I want you to think about the legacy you will leave behind. What do you want people to remember about you? What do you want them to say? I don't know about you, but I'd want them to say I was happy. Just genuinely happy.

That's the hard truth, but it's the truth nonetheless.

I love you, now you should love you too.