Calming the Chaos

I don't know about you, but if I spend too much time watching the news lately or even talking to my family I just feel like the world is going crazy. It's easy to lose who you are within the chaos of distraction around us. It's easy to lose sight of our values. Especially being a person in my twenties, the pressure of school and work and future planning and balancing obligations combined with people all around me telling me doomsday is looming ever closer is causing my anxiety to go whack. 

So, let's just take a step back for a minute. 

Look outside. The world isn't ending. 

You're doing fine. You're going forward. You're planning. 

Quiet the nose. Stop reading the news. Pay attention to things that fulfill you rather than those that suck your energy out. 

When life gets chaotic-- and it always will-- we need to be able to cope in a healthy way. Resorting to alcohol or drugs, or even skipping school and withdrawing from social activities, can all be unhealthy ways of coping. That said, sometimes you need a drink or a nap or a break from everything and that's fine. The problem becomes when your life is put aside for that coping mechanism and you know it's because you can't deal with things. 

The best thing that I have found in a time like this is disconnecting from all the noise and reconnecting with what's inside. Whether that means a walk in the woods or a meditation practice, doing this every day gives us an opportunity to remember what's really truly important to us. Even more than that, we need to remember what is our TRUTH. Our truth is that our lives have not much changed. We have not lost the possibility to pursue our aspirations. We have not lost the hope and positivity we all have inside of us. It's all there. 

It's okay. Breathe. Keep calm. Surround yourself with love and light. Keep going. It's all going to work out.