Luck versus Attitude

Throughout my short life so far I have achieved many opportunities one might consider unique or special-- in other words, I've had a hell of an interesting life. Though, not all great moments. There have obviously been some bad experiences. Anyway, the more fantastic and exciting things I've done in my life have often been chalked up to luck by my peers. This really, really got under my skin after a while because it's just not true. It's not.

I'm not lucky. I just work hard.

There's a hell of a difference.

I feel as though I need to explain this because learning it can constitute a complete paradigm shift and it can also be essential in altering your view of success and life in general. The truth is, most of the trajectory of your life is up to you. It's based on your decisions. You decide if you aren't good enough for something. You decide if you're not smart enough or qualified enough to apply for your dream job. What I have learned is that, often, taking risks and going outside of the box is what yields the most amazing results. Your limits are only what you say they are. You are only as capable as you say you are. Want to move to Atlanta? Move. Want to be an extra in a movie? Google. Email. Call. Ask. It's all about putting yourself out there and not caring what happens, because at least you tried.

Something I recently realized is that there are infinite possibilities of lives we could live in our time here on this planet. Sure there are some things that might ever happen (I'll probably never be the queen of England), but MOST things are usually in our control. Most things are a result of what you think about yourself ad how much drive you have to follow what you really want. This is where two very important things come in: confidence and attitude. Knowing that you are good enough for whatever you put yourself out there to do will get you a lot farther than constantly doubting yourself. Having a positive and hardworking attitude will attract people to you. It's not rocket science, yet it's so easy for people to forget. It's easy to slip out of. It's easy to be grumpy, but this won't help you get anywhere.

If you want something, even if it feels crazy, put yourself out there. Go for what you really want. The thing is, you have to make it happen. You can't just sit around and wait for it to come; it won't. You have to fight.

I'm not lucky. I put my name in the hat. I never tell myself I won't get something. I network and make connections. I keep working and I keep trying and I know I am capable.

So, if you want to be "lucky" like me, stop believing that you'll never win the contest or get the job or the part or whatever. Start seriously believing that you will get there, that you can, and things will change. I promise.

Life is beautiful. The possibilities are infinite. Go get 'em.