The Downfall of Comparison

We all do it.  Especially at this age, 18-19 and early twenties, comparison rules our lives. We are constantly shown images of people living these crazy lives with hot bodies and lots of money and all of a sudden we feel really bad about ourselves and how we haven't been scouted by a talent agent and become a supermodel by the age of 22.

There is nothing wrong with where you are. These people are probably unhappy too sometimes, or maybe even often. They might not be earning a degree like you. They might have grown up in a completely different situation. You might even be comparing yourself  to your friends, to your classmates, to your family members. Maybe you're distressed about not making as much money as you wanted or gaining weight when it feels like everyone around you is losing weight or getting grades worse than you thought and beating yourself up about it. 

It happens to literally everyone. Especially for people like me who are extra self critical and borderline psychotic, comparison literally is the thief of joy. It's hard to feel great about yourself and your life when it feels like everyone around you is doing better than you. 

The truth is, they're not. And even if they are, they're not you. Your lives are not the same. If you can remember anything from this post, remember this:

Your life is yours. It does not have a time limit on when things happen. It does not come with a road map. What you are doing right now, as long as you are striving to be the best version of yourself, is enough. It's more than enough. 

Begin with a heaping load of self-compassion. Do not ever sacrifice that compassion for anything. Carry it with you always. Instead of looking in the mirror and insulting yourself, recognize that tendency and challenge it with a compliment. Instead of beating yourself up about a bad grade on an assignment, remind yourself that its just one assignment and you're doing the best you can and everything will work out. 

Because it will. And you will be fine. And your life is absolutely not worth less than anyone else around you. Your life is yours, and that's what makes it beautiful and unique. Don't forget that. 

Maybe take a break from social media for a bit. That seems to help me. 

Until next time,