Let Them Judge You

Letting go of judgement and expectation allows for the maximum amount of movement and growth. Why is this? Because when you allow what others might think of you into the context of any decision, there's a large chance you won't do it.

When you are your most authentic self, you will attract people who are drawn to that. You will attract people who like you for the you who does things you truly want to do.

When you let go of judgement, it means you have nothing to hide. 

When you have nothing to hide, you are free. 

When you are free, you are happy. 

Simple, right? No. Like anything, truly letting go of expectation can be absolutely terrifying. However, it allows for the freedom to make choices you actually want to make, and go places you actually want to go. 

It allows for opportunities unique to you to manifest and be nurtured rather than pushed away on the basis of unacceptance. 

You are more than what others think of you. Your plan on this earth is meant to bring something to this world and if you hide it because you are scared of what others think, then you are doing a disservice to both yourself and those around you. 

Letting go of judgement completely needs to happen on both a conscious and subconscious level. It needs to be eradicated as much as possible. Given that we are humans, I would argue it is next to impossible to let go 100 percent, but you can do it to a greater extent than you think you can. 

You might not like the person you become when you begin your metamorphosis. But I promise you, trust your instincts and continue being authentic and keep stepping into the unknown without fear of judgment and you will get to a place you truly never knew existed. 

Just something to think about.