What is Healthy?? **Language Warning**

I'm just gonna say it right now: please be warned, I will most likely use a fair bit of foul language in this post. Though I will try to be articulate, the swears will only be a product of my inherent frustration. 

I could just say I'm mad and I'm done and I've had it, but I don't think that would be the most constructive way to put things. What I want to do with this post is just spit some truth because I feel like these words need to be said. As much as this blog is directed outward, sometimes going inward can be just as helpful, and I think my current thoughts and feelings could be really helpful hopefully to someone who really needs them. 

So, yeah. I am angry. 

I am angry at the world we live in, particularly the western world. But I don't discriminate. I know this stuff exists everywhere. What I am particularly angry at is the massive outreach of influence social media has on girls and women everywhere. I don't mean to be sexist, but I am going to be speaking about females because I am one and this is based on my experience. 

Every time I look on Instagram, there are more and more and more accounts relaying people's weight loss and fitness journeys. And you know what? Half the time, these are young girls with developing bodies who do not have an ounce to lose and are stunting their growth. I know this because I was one of them and I seriously, seriously messed myself up. 

They diet and they overexercise and they're congratulated and the cycle continues. This isn't the only dimension of the problem though- what really bugs me is that this is NOT seen as dieting anymore. Society has decided that everyone has a moral obligation to be "healthy", but let me ask you this: what in the FUCK does healthy ACTUALLY mean? It sure as hell doesn't mean starving yourself for likes, but this is what the world has come to. We've said, hey, you should eat less because that will make you a better person. Then we'll say, eat more, but just eat more plants! Or we'll congratulate people on exercising even when they have a broken leg. Everywhere you look, if you google "healthy eating", you'll come across hundreds upon hundreds of (often underqualified) people telling you to eat 1200 or 1500 or whatever amount of calories because this is a magic number and you will lose weight. 

I thought that people were smarter than this. I thought that because I am genetically predisposed to anorexia, that I was alone in the obsession aspect of "fitness" (calorie restriction and overexercise just for approval is NOT FITNESS.....NOT. FITNESS). And I'm not saying everyone does this, but I see it more and more. We've decided that not eating enough is fine. We've decided that killing yourself at the gym every day even if maybe you hate it and don't want to go or you're sick is fine. 

I know, I know. To each their own. I can't shake this, though. I know the reality of starving yourself. I know so many of these people are putting themselves in the fucking hole by doing what they're doing, but they know nothing about nutrition so they put themselves in the hands of other people who also aren't qualified but have millions of followers on instagram so same thing right?? No. It's the blind leading the blind and I can't take it anymore. 

I can't take the complacency. That's what it is. People see the "fitspo", "thinspo", "just be healthy!", whatever bullshit masking the truth that they buy into and end up dieting or binging or whatever and it leads them to hating themselves even more than when they started. Or maybe they don't. Maybe they succeed like I did and suddenly they're on top of the world and they're better than everyone else. That happens. 

The problem is that we live in a society that encourages unhealthy lifestyles and this is only perpetuated by social media. What's worse, the majority of people either have no idea or refuse to accept that what is marketed as healthy usually isn't. Instead, they go along with it anyway because this is supposed to lead to happiness and fulfillment and acceptance. 

Maybe it does, but i promise you, it does not last. There will come a time when maybe you gain the weight back- because starvation is temporary and your body will react- or you get a job and you can't go to the gym as much so you freak out. Either way, there will come a day when you grow up and you realize that you are most likely avoiding your problems by trying lose weight. And by purchasing bikini guides or diet plans or whatever, you are just helping an industry that makes billions each year convincing people they are not worthy of love exactly the way they are. What's worse, society does the same thing. 

I hope that there will come a day in each of these people's lives when they realize there is so much more to life than "fitspo". I pray that somehow the vicious cycle being perpetuated on social media ends. I don't mean to take away anyone's empowerment- what is frustrating me is the blatant lack of caring so many people in this community have as to whether they are actually caring for themselves or whether they are just doing what they see on instagram because they think that's the answer. Guess what, honey: it's not. 

I have been in your shoes and i have walked miles down lanes you hopefully will never have to. But what I hope is that in this position I have, where I have a voice, I can help people who have bought into the bullshit. Because it's not your fault. It's the society we live in. But the continuous obsession with food and fitness that we see on social media is unhealthy and it needs to stop. 

Maybe it starts with me. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment down below. I don't mean to offend anyone, what I want to do is start a conversation about what feels like the elephant in the room. Ignorance won't get us anywhere. Transparency, on the other hand? That's where the magic happens. 

Just some food for thought. 

Until next time,